Welcome fellow growers! My name is Grobotnik, We are a small family oriented farm in beautiful Northern California focused on preserving and spreading only the best quality cannabis genetics.I began growing cannabis over 15 years ago and have been breeding since my early days. Cannabis is craft and art to us here, not just a mass produced crop. Every strain of ours is carefully selected. We choose our males for breeding from a pool of over 100 with heavy emphasis on a quality male cultivar. As well our seed bearing mothers either come from some of the best clones the California Bay Area has to offer or from a large pool of cultivar from seed. Every seed is hand packed and treated with care. We believe in stellar customer service here (Something rare in this day and age…) and commit to being there for you every step of the way. We want to make sure you get an outstanding experience when you choose us! Our strains currently are geared towards high THC/high terpene cultivars and are all currently regular non feminized seeds. Although we do have some feminized in the works and Autoflower varieties coming down the line. Everything I breed is backcrossed to the father and stabilized to bring out the desired phenotypes each strain presents. Nothing but quality here at Grobotnik Genetics and I hope to see some in your garden soon! I am always available for contact either via the forum here at www.OregonEliteSeeds.com or on Instagram @Grobotnik

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