It all started in 1974 when I trough some bag seeds behind are garage in Detroit, MI. They grew 20 ft. tall, sativa as they came. None of them flowered in the short and cold climate of Michigan by I was hooked then. So from then I grew off and on outside until the late 90’s. We grow mostly indoors and a little outdoors. Hazeman seeds is a Mom and Pop operation, I do all the growing and my wife dose all the orders and trimming. I try to select the best female and male of the strains I grow. I like to have males that don’t start to flower until the light change. And in hybrids I look for traits of the female that I like most, in bud structure, how dense, how strong, the height of the plant, structure of the plant, finish time and works well indoors. Plus we also like to preserve great old strains. Work with elite cuts, Hazeman seed s has cuts that are 20 + years old. We still have the first cuts that were ever given to us. Also at Hazeman seeds we want to bring the best Genetics for the most Reasonable price so everyone can have and grow the best stuff. I have been Breeding Seeds for 20 years now growing for 43 years and I won’t be stopping any time soon.

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